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You can apply for a provisional driving licence when you are 15 years and nine months old. However you can only start driving a car when you are 17. At 16 you can start riding a moped or a quad bike. The simplest, quickest and cheapest way to get a provisional licence is online at this link. Online applications cost £34. You can also apply by post (cost £43), you’ll need a D1 licence application form available from any Post Office. If you receive the higher rate mobility component of Disability Living Allowance or the enhanced rate mobility component of Personal Independence Payment you can start taking lessons from the age of 16.

You do not have to pass the theory test before taking driving lessons, all you need to take lessons is a valid provisional licence.

It is best to study for your theory test at the same time that you’re learning to drive, the two will compliment each other and make much more sense. Only apply once you are confident. Once you have passed the theory test, you have 2 years in which to pass the practical test, if you don’t pass the practical test in those 2 years you must do the theory test again. Nearest theory test centres to Holborn School of Motoring are: Southwark, Limehouse, Southgate, Croydon and Ilford. You must show your provisional licence on the day of your test (not a copy) or you will not be allowed to take the test. You can book a theory test online by clicking here. The cost is £23.

The best aids to use are the Highway Code, the Know your Traffic signs book and the DVSA Official Theory Test book or app. If you’re keen to learn everything  i.e theory and practical then the ultimate learning guide is “Driving The Essential Skills”. This book is highly recommended.

You must contact the Holborn School of Motoring office by phone, or request a call back via our website or our email address. We will ask you a few questions about your requirements and present driving ability. We will then call you back to book your first lesson with an appropriate instructor. After the first lesson you should book all further lessons directly with your instructor, also if you need to amend, cancel, or make any other  changes to lessons this should also be done directly with your instructor. You will be provided with their name and telephone number by our office once your first lesson has been booked.

Office hours are Monday to Friday 9.30am to 6.00pm. Closed Saturday and Sunday .

You must bring your provisional driving licence as your instructor will need to see this. You will be required to do a quick eyesight check, this means being able to read a vehicle number plate in clear daylight from 20 meters away. If you wear glasses or contacts you must bring them. You should also wear comfortable clothing and comfortable flat shoes which do not have thick soles.

Your instructor drive you to a quiet area and introduce you to the controls of the car. You will then be shown how to safely use the controls in easy stages. Your instructor will allow you to develop your skills at your own pace. You will not be expected to have great control at first and the instructor may use the dual controls or take control of the steering wheel if you are struggling or lose control for a moment. Your instructor will encourage you to improve but they understand that everyone learns at their own pace.

Most of our instructors offer lessons in the evening and at weekends, because these are very popular times they do get booked up in advance and as such it will normally take longer before we can fit you in.

No, unlike most other driving schools, our prices are fixed any day any time. We keep our prices simple and easy to understand, no hidden costs, no complicated bundles.

We no longer provide the traditional short timeframe intensive driving courses, over the years we’ve found that they rarely produce a well rounded confident driver. However, if you’re already experienced and have passed the theory test, it is possible to arrange a suitable lesson plan for you to pass the test quickly. Unlike most other driving schools, our prices for this service are the same as normal driving lessons.

If you wish to cancel a lesson a minimum of 48 hours’ prior notice must be given. Cancellations should be made by you directly with your instructor. If you do not give at least 48 hours’ notice of cancellation you will be charged for the lesson(s) concerned in full. If you are unable to contact your instructor you can call our office during office hours. Cancellation requests directed to the office cannot be actioned outside of office hours and will result in a late cancellation charge. See our Terms and Conditions.

All of our instructors are qualified to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) standard and DBS checked but sometimes characters can clash and it’s important that you get on with your instructor, so if you would like to change we can arrange a new one for you subject to availability.

It’s impossible to tell someone exactly how many lessons they will need to pass a driving test, everyone is different. However a DVSA (people who set theory and practical test) survey showed that the average number of lessons taken to pass is 47 hours with an instructor plus 20 hours private practice (with friends and family). This is for both manual and automatic. Your instructor will be able to give you a much better idea as to how many lessons you may need after they have assessed your driving over 4 or 5 hours. Many of our pupils pass their practical test in under 45 hours.

Yes, additional practice or private practice isn’t essential but it has been proven that learner drivers who gain this additional experience before taking their practical test perform better on their test.

If you choose to practice with a friend or family member you must ensure that: They’re over 21, they’re qualified to drive the type of vehicle you want to learn in e.g. they must hold a manual licence if they’re supervising you in a manual vehicle, they’ve held their licence for a minimum of 3 years and that L plates are visible on the front and rear of your vehicle. Also you must have an applicable learner driver insurance policy, some insurers may stipulate that the person supervising you is over the age of 25.

Yes, your instructor will have the appropriate motor insurance providing comprehensive cover should you be involved in a collision whilst in control of the instructors tuition vehicle, whether during a lesson or during a driving test.

You can’t book your practical driving test unless you’ve passed your theory test. Your instructor will advise you when to book your practical test. Different instructors have different test centre preferences, so always ask your instructor which test centre to book. The cost payable to your instructor on the test day is equivalent to a four hour lesson. On your test day you will be asked to read a number plate at 20 meters by the examiner as an eyesight check and you must bring your provisional licence.


Pass Plus is a practical training course for newly qualified drivers and takes at least 6 hours. Its purpose is to improve skills and promote safer driving. Pass Plus training covers driving, in town, in all weathers, on rural roads, at night, on dual carriageways and on motorways.

You will not take a test but you’ll be assessed throughout the course. To pass you’ll have to reach the required standard. Only a Pass Plus registered approved driving instructor can teach you, all Holborn School of Motoring instructors are Pass Plus registered.

Once you’ve completed Pass Plus you may be able to get a car insurance discount. The amount of discount depends on the insurance company. Not all insurers offer Pass Plus discounts.

If you have a valid EU/EEA licence, you can drive any vehicle covered by the categories shown on your licence until you are 70. To exchange your non EU/EEA licence your home country must be a ‘designated country’ (countries with exchange agreements with Great Britain), the countries in this agreement are; Andorra, Australia, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Cayman Islands, Falkland Islands, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, and Zimbabwe. The appllcation does ask which country your licence was issued in and where you passed your test. If you didn’t pass in one of the above countries you will have to complete a driving test. You can drive with any licence for 12 months before you are required to take a test.

For more information please check DVLA’s official “Driving in Great Britain (GB) as a visitor or a new resident” documentation.

Due to Brexit there may be changes in future.

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Here are some examples of what our customers have said about their learning experiences

“Couldn’t have been better! Rob is a reliable, punctual, patient and thorough driving instructor. I felt very well prepared for my test and for driving beyond. I didn’t hold out much hope for enjoying driving before I began, but I really did enjoy my lessons. Thanks, Rob!”

“Today I passed my driving test, from the first time and thanks to the great teaching skills of Richard! Richard is great, funny, always on time and encouraging instructor.”

“I came across Holborn Driving School as my office was nearby and I was impressed by all the good reviews. My instructor had great communication skills. He made sure to explain things in a simplistic and calm manner. He advised on having 2hrs lessons per week consistently. After roughly 37-40 hrs of lessons, I passed first time! Thanks Rob!”

“A HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you to Taj from Holborn driving school! He is so professional, friendly and welcoming. He has so much patience and is calmling; and really helps to focus on the road and how to drive correctly. I’ve had a few manual instructors and automatic instructors and have to say Taj has been the best! Highly recommend!”

Charlenna Campbell, Google Reviews ★★★★★

“Excellent driving school, passed first time. I live in central London and I chose this school because is one of the most high rated school for their teaching. I done 19 Hours in total driving before taking the test. The staff is excellent. And I recomend this to all of you that would like to get a driving license.”

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